Wiltshire & Associates has a wide background of providing services that include but not limited to the following

  • Forest Surveys such as forest inventory, operational cruising, forest regeneration surveys
  • Forest Management Planning (forest management plans, annual work schedules, annual reports, property management plans)
  • Forest Operations Support & Planning
    • road planning and location
    • harvest boundary layout
    • project valuation
    • forestry reports
    • siliviculture support services e.g.Forestry Operation Prescriptions
    • forest compliance inspections (FOIP)
    • aggregate compliance inspections
    • forest auditing
  • Forestry Training 

What follows is a partial project list completed or conducted by Wiltshire & Associates Forestry :

Period from 1996 – 2013

Forest Management Planning completed on the following forests

Black Sturgeon Forest, Spruce River Forest, Dog River-Matawin Forest, English River Forest and Lac Seul Forest

  • Forest Management Plan for the Dog River-Matawin Forest [2009-2019]
  • Major Amendments
  • Minor Amendments
  • Administrative Amendments and AWS Revisions
  • Annual Reports

Operational Forestry

  • Harvest Road and Block Layout
  • Forest Compliance Inspections
  • Timber assessments
  • Rate negotiations
  • Safety inspections

Operational Silviculture

  • Forest Operations Prescriptions [including development of methodology]
  • Project oversight, Mechanical Site Preparation, Tree Planting, Aerial Chemical Tending, Pre-Commercial Thinning

 Forest Surveys and Inventory

  • Approx 400,000 ha of FTG surveys
  • Wabigoon Forest Resources Inventory [field]
  • Ecosite surveys
  • Environment Assessment survey and report on the Kenogami Forest

 Training and Instruction

  • Associate Professor of Forest Soils and Forest Management for Con. College [since 2002]
  • Development for various clients training courses in:
    • CLAAG Harvesting
    • Site Protection
    • EMS
    • Forest Compliance
    • Soils
    • Field safety


  • Silviculture or harvesting auditor on 6 Independent Forest Audits (IFA)
  • SFI  Surveillance Audit
  • Industrial Certification Audits