WAFI team recently completed FRI/ELC Ground Validation Training Course

3 great minds wood wizardEight WAFI team members recently completed the FRI/ELC Ground Validation Training Course May 12-15 2014. It was an informative and interactive training session which covered the OMNR procedures for eFRI Calibration Plot set up. Topics included bedrock and surficial geology, soils, OMNR health and safety policies, Ecological Land Classification concepts and methods. There was an in-class component but the bulk of the training course took place in the field. A test was given at the end of the session and all WAFI personnel passed with flying colours! We have a great crew and look forward to a productive postive field season.

2014 Upcoming Field Season

This field season the majority of WAFI field staff will be conducting Forest Resource Inventory cruising to provide ground calibration plots in the Nipigon Forest for the purpose of completing the new FRI. The start of the program will be in what was the old Armstrong Forest (for approximately 6 weeks) with the duration to be completed in the Greenstone area (traditionally known and the Lake Nipigon Forest).  The crews will be made up of returning employees as well as a compliment of new employees. WAFI is looking forward to productive and accident free season!