Bill Wiltshire, HBScF RPF: President and Owner of WAFI

Bill Wiltshire

Bill is a dedicated forester with over 30 years of experience in Northern, Ontario. He applies his vast knowledge as a ‘dirt forester’ with the newest technology to provide his clients  the most effective results. His honesty and integrity are equal to none and he believes in providing great service at a good value.

He has been the mentor to many young professionals and technicians and inspires them by his hard work ethic and dedication to the job. As President and Owner of Wiltshire and Associates Forestry Inc. he has broadened his company’s resume while building the solid reputation for delivering cost effective, quality results. Bill is a hands-on manager who respects and values  his clients and all those who work for him.

He has highly developed expertise in the area of forest soils and site classification, reforestation silviculture, forest operations, forest surveys, and forest management planning but is able to take on new projects with ease.


Mona Wiltshire, HBScF RPF: Partner of WAFI

Mona Wiltshire

Mona is a graduate of Lakehead University with a wide background of experience. She has worked for government, industry and in the private sector for over 20 years primarily in Northern, Ontario. She has highly developed communication and networking skills and is constantly updating her abilities as a forester and a human resource co-ordinator.

She has volunteered on many committees, including the OPFA, Emerald Ash Borer Task Team and other various organizations. She provides thoughtful, caring educated opinions and input to anything that she commits to. She is respectful, generous and broadminded and applies these qualities to business and life. The combination of these qualities ensures that clients always get great value for the job.