Wiltshire and Associates Forestry Inc. is a general forestry consultant/contractor that provides services to the forest industry, post-secondary educational institutions, and private landowners and to all levels of government. The company has been in business since 1996 under the leadership of Bill Wiltshire. Wiltshire & Associates provides both operational and planning support across the spectrum of forestry disciplines including: various types of forest surveys and inventory, forest management planning, operational harvest planning and supervision, operational silvicultural planning and supervision, and training and education services. The company currently has two full time professional foresters and a minimum compliment of eight seasonal staff that are either forest technicians or foresters.

Bill Wiltshire RPF is a professional forester with 31 years of experience in the forestry sector. Bill was employed by both the federal and provincial governments and industry before starting Wiltshire and Associates Forestry Inc. Bill has highly developed expertise in the areas of forest soils and ecosystem surveying, silvicultural prescriptions, and forestry training and education.

Wiltshire & Associates has a solid reputation for delivering cost effective, quality results. The company has practical experience in Crown forest administration, forest management planning, operational planning, soil and site surveying, vegetation management, tree improvement and reforestation silviculture which provides a strong background and understanding of the needs of forest resource managers.